SafeHarbor® Windows and Doors

Products Overview - Windows meet the 2014 Code Changes

Safe Harbor Impact Resistant Windows & Door are engineered to give coastal homeowners peace of mind. Each window is designed to protect against hurricane force winds and flying debris that heavy winds create.
It all starts with our technologically advance Impact Resistant Glass.

Impact Resistant Glass Construction

SafeHarbor products feature safety glass combined with a thermally efficient insulating glass system.
The exterior lite consists of single pane glass. The interior lite is constructed of two glass panes laminated with an interlayer membrane that becomes transparent during the laminating process to form an impact resistant protective barrier that also provides outstanding thermal efficiency.
SafeHarbor products are designed to look like traditional windows and doors, but they are constructed of impact-resistant safety glass embedded in heavy duty, reinforced frames.

In addition to protecting you from Mother Nature's worst, SafeHarbor products offer:

  • Greater defense from intruders because forced entry becomes exponentially more difficult, and more durable locks are installed to help maintain the integrity of the glass.
  • Better protection from the effects of salt air because of their durable vinyl construction.
  • Blocks 99.9% of the sun's UV rays to help reduce fading of your home's furnishings.
  • Increased noise reduction as a result of greater structural integrity.
Performance Tested
In independent lab testing, SafeHarbor® windows were impacted with an 9 foot long 2 x 4 fired from an air cannon at speeds up to 50 feet per second (35 mph). Then they were buffeted for 5 hours by combined positive and negative pressure simulating hurricane force winds. Not only did the glass remain in its frames throughout this process, but the windows still operated after testing was completed.