Every business owner knows the key to success is keeping guests happy.
Make them want to come back!
  • Increase revenue
  • Keep heating/cooling costs to a minimum
  • Utilize outdoor seating during unfavorable weather conditions.
Commercial style units are designed to keep out bugs, heat, cold, and a small amount of rain.  On the flip side, they also retain heat and cool air inside the room when the screens are down.
  • The 26″ tall vinyl panel allows your guests to be seated outdoors, with the screens down, and still be able to see outside.
  • Choose from our many screen choices, from standard super screen for bug protection, or upgraded to Textiline 90, for maximum heat/solar protection.
    • INSECT SCREEN (bug protection only)
    • SOLAR SCREEN 80% (80% UV Ray protection)
    • SOLAR SCREEN 90% (90% UV Ray protection)
    • SUNSCREEN (shading from the sun)
  • The tracking system is a channel style in which the screen rides up and down.
  • Depending on height, either 2 or 3 stabilizer bars are sewn and riveted into pockets of material, ensuring the screen stays in the channel on its way down, and also when in the down position.
  • Hood size is standard 7″.
  • All screens are motorized at the push of a button, not hard wired, and plug into existing outlets, so no electricians are required.
  • View commercial style unit parts here.
(above)  Hooters in Naples, Florida, chose an orange sunbrella outdoor fabric instead of regular insect or solar screen, to be eye catching, and to match their decor.  Now guests are able to sit in the patio area comfortably, with a clear view.