Motors Specifications

UL Certified Thermal-device-protected Motors – Component

For PDF a copy of the UL Certification for Jupiter Industries Motors click here.

Recommended Lifting Weight Capacity Chart

The lifting capacity of all motors is based on Newton’s Law of Motion. In summary, Newton law of motion states that Torque equal to the radius of Motors Tube times the weight being lifted. The theoretical lifting capacity reduced by several factors, such as material dimensions (height and thickness of slats), friction of material in the track, length and height of curtain, installation techniques and accessories (end retention slat locks).
The lifting capacity chart below is based on the Newton’s Law of motions and includes as 25% reduction of the theoretical capacity to compensate for the factor described above. This chart is provided as an indicator of the amount of weight each motor can lift. The actual capacity depends on the amount of external factors deviate from the theoretical environment.
Also included below is a lifting capacity charts which includes a 30% safety factor. This shows the effects when externals factors are greater than the assumption of 25%.